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Alpari Review

CFD Broker Summary

The Alpari CFD trading broker is one of the newer participants in the industry and has dual branches in the US and UK. Aplari is fully registered and licensed in both areas and is quickly emerging as a popular broker in the CFD trading space. At the moment, Alpari services more than 170,000 trading accounts worldwide, with 50 offices in more than 20 countries and deals with trading volumes that are as high as $210 billion USD each month. Alpari offers a wide variety of trading instruments (mostly in line with the industry average). The company places no limits on scalping trades and charges commission that begin at 0.09%. Additionally, no commissions are charged when exiting your trade.

Trading Markets Offered

In addition to Forex, Spread Betting and Precious Metals trading, Alpari offers a suitable variety of CFD trading options that will cater to most trading styles. These CFD options include stock markets, commodities, indices, energy products, and Gold and Silver futures. In line with industry standards, all of the major trading choices are made available to traders, although some of the more exotic options (Alpari offers a smaller number of stock shares choices than some of the other brokers) are not available at the moment.
If you typically trade in the more exotic markets, Alpari might not be the best choice but for traders that focus on the most typical trading selections, Alpari does have an acceptable list of trad-able markets.

Trading Platforms

Trading PlatformsIn terms of the trading platforms that are made available by Alpari, the flexibility is limited. Alpari focuses its trading on the Meta Trader platform, rather than designing its own proprietary software. This means that traders will not have the option of using web-based software and this can present some difficulty for traders that are not constantly in front of their trading stations when their positions are open.
There is a mobile app that is linked to Meta Trader, and this can be used to solve some of these difficulties, so whether or not Alpari is for could very well come down to this issue. If you are a trader that prefers to use downloaded software because of its enhanced efficiency, then you probably will not mind that Alpari doesn’t have larger platform offerings. But if you are looking for a web-based platform (or you do not prefer to use Meta Trader), you will need to choose another broker.

Special Offers

The Special Offers area at Alpari has some interesting choices, as the company is looking to attract new traders will some of their bonus offers. Currently, the company is offering deposit bonuses of up to 10% (for first time deposits only) but this offer is not permanent and could change in the coming months. In addition to this, for customers who make their deposits using Web Money, Alpari is willing to refund all of your transaction costs for the deposit. Finally, Alpari will give bonuses in refunding swap charges when positions are held more than 10 days. This is going to be most attractive for longer term traders that hold positions for extended periods of time.

Learning Center

Trading Education One of the more interesting features of the Alpari offering is the extensive learning base that the company offers. This is surprising, given that the company is relatively new but the educational offerings at Alpari are extensive compared to some of the other CFD brokers. Features include: Online tutorials and interactive webinars that are scheduled for clients in advance, and daily research that is centered on the forex and equities markets. For traders focusing on these markets, there is a great deal of information that Alpari makes available, including company-specific research news and event calendars that are relevant for certain companies.
Similar offerings are made for the forex markets, where the daily research includes weekly market reports that focus on the major currencies, as well as fundamental analysis detailing the over-riding market conditions that will guide trading each session. All of this information can be used with the Alpari Squawk feature, which gives traders up-to-date information which will be most helpful for traders in short term positions, or traders that base their positions on news releases.

Charting Package

While the educational materials at Alpari are first rate, there was much less attention paid to the charting software, as Alpari will only use Meta Trader to execute trades. For fans of Meta Trader, this will be fine and another aspect that should be considered is the Auto Chartist application that can be used in conjunction with technical analysis strategies. This is a plug in feature for the Meta Trader charting package, and it a program that has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Site Strengths/ Weaknesses

CFD Trading StrengthsStrengths and weaknesses in the Alpari UK CFD trading product are easily seen. Weaknesses can be seen in the lack of effort that was spent in constructing trading software that builds on what is commonly available from other CFD brokers. Many of Alpiari’s competitors offer Meta Trader in addition to other software forms. This lack of flexibility is a clear weakness.
On the other hand, Alpari’s strengths can be seen in their acceptable variety of trading markets and in the extensive trading educational section that is made freely available. While the information that is provided is not created by any of the major banks, the material is well researched and can be used by active traders to construct their trades.


Alpari UK is not one of the most well known CFD trading brokers that are on the scene currently but their product offerings will be viewed as acceptable by most traders. Their transaction fees are relatively low and their educational materials are some of the best in the industry. If you do not mind (or if you prefer) to use Meta Trader, there is very little downside in choosing Alpari UK as your CFD trading broker.



Alpari Systematic Trading Platform
Alpari Systematic Trading Platform
Alpari Mobile Trading
Alpari Mobile Trading
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  1. Alpari is a pretty awesome company, for the most reason is the 10% bonus when you deposit your money. If you deposit about $10000, you can make a nice $1000 back. I mainly watch out for trainings and bonuses in these companies and alpari has met them

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