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Investors Intelligence Review

A Summary of the Company

Based in the United Kingdom, Investors Intelligence has been helping individuals to trade currencies, stocks, bonds and commodities for more than 50 years. In the 1950s, the business developed unique charts and signals, and the company’s oldest indicator has been active since 1963. The enterprise offers software that features extensive charts and delivers especially accurate indicators. Furthermore, the company publish its own strategies that can allow you to swiftly earn profits.

The Markets

Investors Intelligence lets clients trade in the forex market, and users will be able to trade more than 169 currency pairs. The broker also gives patrons the ability to buy and to sell currencies by utilizing margins. In order to determine the maximum leverage that the brokerage allows, the investor should multiply the account balance by 200.


Patrons are able to trade stocks and to view extensive updates that are related to the market. The Spread betting company offers market commentary that indicate whether a customer should buy or sell particular shares, and the enterprise’s experts consistently update the list of stocks that are likely to become more valuable in the future.


When trading securities that are related to governments or large businesses, a client may leverage 95 percent of each bond’s value in order to trade in currencies or CFDs. The securities may be purchased by using dollars, euros and pounds.

Commodities and CFDs

Users may buy and sell gold, silver and oil. Traders can also engage in spread betting. This type of investing lets clients simultaneously trade in more than 3,000 types of markets. Additionally, a patron will be able to manage and to trade CFDs. These contracts allow the seller to offer a return on investment that is equal to the difference between a commodity’s present worth and its future value.

When a client is beginning to trade in CFDs, Investors Intelligence gives the trader the ability to use a demo account. A customer may also utilize an account that offers limited risk, and this system’s software requires the investor to place a limit on the potential loss for each trade.

The Trading Platforms

Trading PlatformsThe business offers two types of accounts, and the most popular platform is designed for derivatives. The account gives users the ability to access more than 18,000 stocks, 8,700 CFDs and 30 global exchanges. Clients will also be able to trade 250 futures. In order to utilize this platform, a trader will have to trade at least £10,000.

The second platform is primarily for investors who are engaging in spread betting. By signing up for this account, patrons can trade in at least 3,000 markets, and Investors Intelligence offers exceptionally low spreads for these users. The patrons may download an app that lets clients trade by using most types of smartphones and tablets. According to the broker’s instructions, an investor should have a balance of at least £1,000 to use this account.

Packages That Offer Charts

The business provides detailed charts that indicate the fluctuations of the values of particular currencies, and registered clients can view reports that contain predictions for each currency pair. In some cases, the experienced traders will offer an analysis of the economic situations that are causing the fluctuations. Patrons are also able to evaluate model portfolios that have been created by experts.

Signals That Are Related to Bonds

Users can see the points at which a bond’s trend has changed, and Investors Intelligence shows the highest value that every bond has reached during each week. The company also provides a list of all-time lows for each bond.

The Strengths and the Weaknesses of the Website

The site provides a wide variety of educational guides for new traders, and Investors Intelligence has created numerous videos for investors. Furthermore, the website features a forum that is particularly active. The message board currently has more than 216 categories.

The business provides a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions. The visitors can also chat with a broker on the site, and the company allows clients to request a phone call from an expert at a convenient time.


Investors Intelligence provides charts, detailed analyses of the market and platforms for experienced traders and new investors. The business has received many positive reviews from clients, and the broker offers low spreads that will maximize your profits. If you’re searching for extensive tutorials, state-of-the-art platforms and signals that are delivered every day, you will find all of these features at



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