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Take Social Trading To The Next Level
Take Social Trading To The Next Level

Take Social Trading To The Next Level

Social trading is the modernization of the way in which you can access the financial markets. Globalization and technology have helped make it easier to gain knowledge and hone your skills. Social trading takes advantage of this to bring traders from across the globe together into a linked investment network.

Simplify Your Trading Activities By Following Top Traders

You can use social trading in companies such as Ayondo to:

  • Stay in the know about what other traders are doing.
  • Access real-time trading activity.
  • Gain insights into successful trading strategies.
  • Follow traders that match your preferences.
  • Keep track of specific traders’ activities.
  • Mirror the actions of Top Traders.

Is Social Trading Better Suited For Beginners or Experts?

Social trading sets everyone up for success. Novice traders can learn from the best.

As a follower, you can evaluate the Top Traders by checking out their performance, career level or following and even view each trader’s risk score. You can analyze traders’ specific strategies, detailed trades and portfolio.

With the click of a button, mirror your trading activity to that of your selected Top Traders. Adjust the investment level following each trader, diversify your portfolio to balance risk and set a stop loss to protect your funds.

You can do this all on a demo account to follow along. Invest as little as £1,000 to get started with live trading.
If you’re already a Top Trader, demonstrate your skills and do what you do best. You’ll gain a following and get rewarded for high performance.

Are You A Top Trader?

Monetize your success at, a social trading competition site where Top Traders earn commissions when people follow their trading signals. When you perform better, you move up through five career levels throughout the course of about one year. Reach the highest status and earn the most money.

The grand prize comes from a pool that is shared with all of the traders in the same level as you. You can win up to $250,000. Fewer traders will reach the highest level, giving you a better opportunity to win big.

If you’re not sure about joining the competition, register as a virtual money trader first. You’ll get to test out the process before jumping in with both feet and real money.

You’ll gain knowledge as you advance to the second career level. At that point, you must transition to a real money trader to stay in the game and win the prizes that are offered for the completion of each level. You can play the game to completion virtually if you want to sharpen your skills without competing for prizes.

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