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Why diversify your profile with gold?

diversify your profile with gold
Diversify your profile with gold!

Most investors think that the money is in stocks, nowadays. That may be true to some degree, especially since economic data shows that the stock market was very bullish during the quarter of the century from 1982 – 2007. But what if the markets suddenly crash just like in 2007? When you lose your job and paper investments, gold can cover you.

When prices of basic necessities go really high and currencies no longer hold any value, gold can be used to pay for products and services. This seems to be a fact that has been forgotten by investors who say that gold is an unneeded asset in this day and age.

Some experienced investors say that people should stay away from the gold market because it’s highly volatile. It’s true that the gold market is highly volatile, but so are most stocks and funds. In truth, no one can predict the future of markets; people can only speculate smartly, and invest in low-risk stocks like utilities.

The point is, don’t buy whatever the naysayers of gold are saying. Gold has proven itself over the years as an investment that doesn’t lose its status as a tradable commodity. The precious yellow metal would cost over $2,300 per ounce when adjusted for inflation. And when the world returns to another gold standard, gold prices could settle at higher prices, about $10,000 per ounce.

Don’t be afraid to invest in gold. Market volatility applies to every investment, but with gold, at least you’ll have something to turn to even when markets go sour. Even if gold’s prices depreciate by 70% of the price you paid for it, it would still be useful during inflation. With paper investments, you can’t do the same thing.

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