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Spread Betting & CFD Trading Platform
Spread Betting & CFD Trading Platform
Since there are new CFD trading and Spread Betting brokers entering the business all the time, these companies are constantly looking to differentiate themselves from their industry competition. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to create the most efficient and easy to use trading platform, as this is one of the product offerings that client traders see first and use most often. In general, what traders should be looking for is a platform that is is a clean layout with all of the essential aspects easy to find and quick to access._x000D_
This is especially true for traders with short term trading strategies, as a cumbersome platform layout can make it easy to encounter mistakes or to miss trading opportunities as they arise. Additionally, your platform should also give you advanced charting features with a wide selection of trading tools and indicators. For fundamental traders, there should also be some area of the platform that allows you access to up to date news feeds from the leaders in the financial media industry._x000D_
These features are essentially industry standard at this stage, so any platform that is missing any of these features should not be viewed as acceptable. Here we will look at three offerings from leaders in the industry._x000D_

City Index Platform

City Index offers a totally web based platform that has recently won awards from MoneyAM. With a simple pull down menu, traders can access the more than 12,000 assets that are available for trading. Traders with even low levels of experience will find the trading features to be intuitive and user friendly, as the trading window allows you to input your stop and limit parameters. One missing feature is that the platform does not allow for trailing stops, but City Index make the attempt to counter this by offering One Cancels Other (OCO) orders._x000D_
For technical traders, the charting package is highly impressive and offers a wide variety of technical tools and indicators that can be directly layered on to the charts. Trading can also be done directly from the charts, and this is a new advancement that many trading companies have started to offer._x000D_
The mobile trading platform is also an impressive addition, as it can be accessed by all major mobile devices. Trades can be opened and closed from the mobile browser, so traders to not need to be chained to their home computers when positions are open._x000D_

Capital Spreads Platform

The Capital Spreads trading platform is another web based trader that allows client to access their positions from any computer with an internet connection. While execution efficiency has been criticized (in comparison to industry competition), the platform is very intuitive and easy to use. The platform is divided into two sections. On top, you can see price data from all the available market offerings at Capital Spreads. On the bottom, you can review and manage your open positions._x000D_
One major advantage of the platform is that it allows to you choose a list of markets that you would like to focus on, which can help stream line the trading process. Capital Spreads also offers a mobile platform that is available for all major mobile devices._x000D_

IG Markets

Pure Deal, the IG Markets platform offers one of the most comprehensive packages available with the added flexibility of a web based platform. If this is not ideal for you trading style, however, there is also the L2 package that can be downloaded directly. As far as chart offerings, both packages allow for in depth technical analysis. Technical indicators can be fully customized and are tailored to different trader types, from beginner to advanced. One excellent feature IG makes available is the back testing price feature, as this allows traders to see how their trading strategies have performed on an historical basis.

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