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Tips for Trading The GBP/USD Currency Pair

The Pound/Dollar is one of the most liquid currency pairs in the FX world. High volatility brings market participants many opportunities, but also high risks. As a GBP/USD trader, you should pay close attention to the fundamentals influencing the Cableג€™s rate, and build for yourself an effective trading plan. Donג€™t try to trade this pair all the time; instead, choose your trading time wisely.

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TradeTime Review

TradeTime is a licensed forex broker and investment company created as a result of seven years of development by experts in the trading and technology industries.

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MaxFx Review

MaxFx's platforms feature low spreads, state-of-the-art apps, tools that offer especially swift execution, more than 60 types of indicators and custom graphs.

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Kawase Review

Kawase is an international broker that allows clients to trade currencies, precious metals, stocks, indices and oil. Provides a platform that features more than 10,000 concurrent connections and lets clients trade approximately 3,000 financial instruments.

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Why does UKGC oversees binaries in the UK?

Gambling Commission is responsible for regulating gambling in the United Kingdom. It also supervises gaming law and since 2013 regulates the National Lottery. UKGC was established in 2015 and is sponsored by the Department of Culture, Media, and Sports.

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Alvexo UK

All you need to know on Alvexo.com a registered broker for trading currency pairs, CFDs and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

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Trading Currencies is Fast Becoming a Hot Trend in 2017

Trading Currencies is Fast Becoming a Hot Trend

The changing world order in the recent years is giving a better opportunity for keen investors to trade in currency and make significant profits. It should be noted that currency trading is more transparent and highly predictable than other trading options, and that is making it more attractive and trustworthy for longer years.

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